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The people who work at Craftbees share the vision and estimations of our community.

Craftbees began its journey in the year 2019 when the founders thought about working with the artists and craftsmen. The first portal In India to promote Indian art and craftswork through its Online platform both B2B and B2C.

Craftbees offers you a unique solution to learn while you buy a product. The company has recorded some fantatstic achievements with some of our clients offering them some unique customisations with our Jute bags, unique new designs as per customer needs and building a serious learning solutions of art and craft.

With a team of young aggressive and passionate people we are working to improve the lives of our artisans and making them more financially independent.

Meet Our Mentors

Shirish Goel

In an era driven by industry, we bring you one step closer to a world of handmade treasures from the interiors of India. An entrepreneur by profession and an art curator by heart, Shirish is detemined to institute Craftbees across the globe. Creativity is like a virtue for him, thinking out of the box is his passion. With explicit work ethics and a clear vision, he intends to offer the best services to his stakeholders. Shirish aims to ease the scope of an artist's talent and reach out a wider audience, who whole-heartedly appreciates creativity of the Indian artisans.

Sanjay Goel
Chief Financial Advisor

A well established entrepreneur in his field of work, Sanjay has been on a lookout for ways to contribute his share to the Indian Society. He has a strong passion for Indian Art and Craftswork and wants to ensure that it is well recognised and treasured by all. Sanjay found the vision of Craftbees aligning sharply with his passion and joined us as a Financial Advisor to extend his support in order to preserve the Indian Heritage.
A firm believer in the power and importance of continuous learning throughout one's lifetime, Sanjay is strongly inspired by the e-learning platform provided by Craftbees and he wants to widespread this opportunity to a larger audience.

Core Team Members

Sriparna Biswas
Chief Technical Advisor
In this modern life, Shopping malls etc have become our convenient means of consumption. In-spite of their prevalence, the hand crafted treasures of the Indian heritage, still retains a special value of beautiful undying charm, especially among those individuals who are aware of the beauty of Indian roots, culture and heritage.

Sanjay Kumar
Chief Art Advisor
Art Expert, Dept. Of Visual Arts MD University,Rohtak, Internationally reputed artist with approx. Recipient of National Academy Award and many other international and national awards and honors.Qualification : MFA in painting, BFA in painting, UGC Net Qualified, PHD Ongoing..

Anjali Aggarwal
Chief Art Advisor
Art and design Expert, Applied Art Department, Government College of Art, Chandigarh. Internationally reputed artist.Recipient of many all India and state awards and honors.Qualifications: AFA in applied Art, BFA in Applied Art, Diploma in Multimedia.

Neeru Goel
Chief Art Advisor
An entrepreneur from heart and a yoga expert from last ten years.

I always had a passion for Indian art and craft and Craftbees helps me to get connected with the Indian art industry closely.
It has also helped me to prove my entrepreneurship skills.

Our achievements
Featured in Dainik Bhaskar and Art &Affairs

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All products are a display of the best commodities of all handmade products from the artisans from all across the cities in our country. An era where the poor suffer and need upliftment.

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Hesitant of getting a used and returned product when ordered online? Tired of paying and then not liking the product? We offer you a trial of your ordered product when at your doorstep. Pay only if you like the product. No locked money.

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